Welcome to the Lloyd Hotel

In 2009 Etsuko Nozaka stayed at Lloyd Hotel for the first time. This stay, and many more to come, resulted in a beautiful children’s book with imaginitive water colours by Yasuyoshi Botan.

“Welcome to the Lloyd Hotel” invites children on a journey through the history of our building seen through the eyes of two little mice: Piep and Katya. They live behind the wall and watch the people go by. As the years go by, they see the building change: at first many people come to stay, but soon Piep and Katya play in the deserted rooms and halls, they paint the walls in bright colours and swim in the flooded basement.

The book was originally launched in 2017 in Japan and now the Dutch and English version of the book are available. You can buy this special gift at our Reception for € 14.99. Living abroad? We are happy to send it to you. Please send your request via post@lloydhotel.com