In last month’s newsletter, we introduced you to Harry Markusse. After showcasing his art work during an expo in the LLoyd hotel, we were sad to see his colourful work go.So we asked him to create a unique room on the attic of the hotel. The 2-star room 610 completely transformed and came alive by his permanent mural.

On the 9th of September, he arrived at Lloyd Hotel and when entering the room and opening the first tin with bright yellow paint, we already became enthusiastic to see the end result.
The yellow fits perfect with the old wooden roof of the attic and the dark blue bathroom situated on the right. He decided that the whole room should be connected by this mural and even when taking a shower you should be able to get a hint of what the rest of the abstract mural would look like.

He has a special way of making art, nothing is planned, he creates one abstract shape after the other until all shapes precisely flow with an end-result that fits perfectly with the architecture and look of the room.
During the day curious visitors walked in to see what is happening. Harry welcomes them with a smile. He tells the story about his painting, how he works and what the end-result will be. You are intrigued by his vision because one without an eye for art might not fully get where the mural is going. However, after entering the room when he is done, you can only think “aha, that’s what was in his mind all along”.

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Or to see his art process, you can watch the highlight on our Instagram!