My name is Renee Schuiten-Kniepstra, 29 years old and living nearby Amsterdam. After graduating I started working in the Amsterdam art world. In addition to my work at the Lloyd Hotel, I run an art website together with two former classmates. We review exhibitions throughout the Netherlands and try to make as many people as possible enthusiastic to visit them. At the Lloyd Hotel I am the Creative Manager, responsible for all creative and cultural events we host and organize.


#1 House Marseille

This photo museum located by the Amsterdam canals is worth a visit because of the two beautiful buildings. Furthermore, they program very diverse photography exhibitions which are always worth visiting. More information is available on their website.


#2 The Hazenstraat

This is a street in the Jordaan, where many galleries are located together. Nice to walk through: you suddenly come across different galleries and exhibitions. Free to visit but pay attention to the opening hours.


#3 Eye

The Eye always has beautiful film exhibitions, not only about the most well-known films but also about the people who have worked behind the scenes. This leads to very surprising and beautiful shows. They also have a large terrace by the IJ, where you can enjoy a drink afterwards. For more information about Eye’s agenda, visit the website.


#4 Micropia

This is a very fun museum, also for children. Information about everything under the surface such as fungi, bacteria, germs and the smallest organisms on our planet is being told in this museum. The museum is next to the entrance of Artis and is quite recently built, certainly worth a visit if desired in combination with a visit to the zoo.


#5 Shell museum

This is a small treasure room in a lovely street, near Lloyd Hotel. They have thousands of copies of shells but also a super nice museum shop, perfect as original souvenirs for the home front. Check out their website!