Videographer Levi Maestro from Los Angeles, CA stayed with us for 10 days to discover Lloyd Hotel and make a video about us. We met up to get to know him a bit better.

What brings you to Amsterdam?

“I’m travelling in Europe. Trying to see new things and make videos along the way. I have my own production company, so I’m doing work for companies as it comes. Like this video I’m making for Lloyd, I only thought of it two weeks ago. I was thinking that I want to make videos about places that I like.


Usually my videos have a multitude of things happening: persons, places. It’s about so many things. I wanted to start profiling places that I could dig into more. This place is something like that. It has a lot of layers. So I’m going to try to make videos now, sort of the same I’ve been doing all along, but for instance I’ve never made one just on a hotel. Those are the things I’m looking, well, not looking for, but like when they come along, then I act on it, you know? It’s really cool when you’re in a place that’s so much different than when you’re from, because things tend to be more interesting.

What was the very last thing you photographed?

“That was probably my room, 602. The reason I like this room so much is that I always thought the A-frame roof is so neat. Like in the States, you barely ever see it. Only in maybe some really old houses in certain kind of states, but it’s very rare. There’s something about it that seems so fake, right? It seems kind of like a dream, like a fairytale type of place. And it’s funny, because the swing is not even that much big of deal, but just it being there makes it a whole different kind of place. Very cool.”