Kristian Baumann – Chef at 108, Copenhagen

The soft-spoken Danish chef and owner of Copenhagen’s one Michelin star restaurant 108 (pronounced as one-o-eight) Kristian Baumann is an energy bomb. He says, he has so much energy, that he actually needs the routine of running his own restaurant next to the fun part of being a creative chef with a test kitchen and a plot of land with 220 crops.

We asked Kristian about his experience with Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy and the dinner he served the night before. He told us, that though from the very start he was excited about the projects and was looking forward to it, the perfectionist side of him was very nervous. But on the night itself, just moments before the dinning room was finished and the guests walked in, he realized that the wow-power came not from food of vessels alone, but from the combination of the two, and it gave him an amazing feeling of creative freedom. So if you were one of the 65 guests nibbling on flower petals or sharing starters with people you never met before, thank the artists. The ultimate dining experience, according to Kristian, should have an element of surprise to it.