Musician and visual artist Kay Sleking starts with Tango at the Haven in the Lloyd Hotel.

Kay Sleking, born in Amsterdam with Kenyan roots, raised in the Bijlmer and Amsterdam East is a musician and visual artist. Scarlatti, Tchaikovsky, Stevie Wonder, Clifford Brown, Piazzolla, Kurt Schwitters, and Anselmo Kiefer let his molecules dance.

As a teacher at Codarts (Rotterdam conservatory), creative director of TangoJazz Land and orchestra leader, Kay has a wide network of (inter) national musicians who work in different genres; from classical, tango and jazz to Indian blues. He himself studied classical guitar at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory), with a master’s degree in Argentine tango. In addition to guitar, he plays double bass and bandoneon.

As the creative director of TangoJazz Land, he organizes performances in which tango and jazz come together, with the TangoJazz Orchestra El Elegante as the highlight. This orchestra consists of tango and jazz musicians from the Netherlands, Suriname, Estonia, Russia, and Spain, who, as a common denominator, love tango, jazz, and classical music. Astor Piazzolla realized it already; innovation in music exists by the grace of exchange. His beautiful compositions, based on Argentine tango, are peppered with influences from jazz and classical music.

On December 1, the premiere of this new and unique TangoJazz Orchestra El Elegante in the Lloyd Hotel is the perfect place for this fusion of genres. The history and ambiance of the Lloyd Hotel, designed as a meeting place for travelers, gives an extra dimension to the tango. In combination with jazz, it will be a wonderful Sunday Afternoon. Lazy or “media luna”.

For tickets and info visit: www.tangojazzland.com