Lloyd Hotel presents the exhibition ‘Some Sweet Day’ of Katja Poelwijk. Showing her personal body of work, including the series ‘Sivar’. The work grabs you, losing any sense of time. It plays with our collective memories and imaginations. At the same time, her subjects are taken from life.

As a portrait documentary photographer, she is fascinated by people, their emotional world and how one relates to their environment. Katja’s approach is intuitive and the work is intimate, poetic and her black and white images have a touch of mystery and a certain weight hanging over them. For her, photography is a means of explaining complex subjects without using linguistics, which can complicate matters further.

In March 2017, Katja met the young Sivar. Born in 2008 as a girl, and named Silje by birth. Katja was moved by his open-mindedness and bold character, after which she decided to follow Sivar in his development. This ongoing project is a warm, intimate portrait about his world. It is about space, vulnerability and the transience of youth. Being allowed to be who you are.

Katja Poelwijk (*1976)

Katja Poelwijk graduated cum laude from the Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2017. She is a New Dutch Photography Talent 2018 and has been working, amongst others, for Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant.