Judi is our Marketing Manager and sometimes sports fanatic.  Hereby a few of her tips in case you want use up your energy!


#1 Jogging

You can enjoy a nice round of jogging on the Eastern Islands. When you leave the hotel, turn left at the pier. Walk to the bridge where you cross the IJ. From here you can make the round as big as you want. Fanatics go straight ahead, I turn right along the quay and take the next bridge back. On the city map at the reception is also a running route on the islands.


#2 Yoga

Mariska Gunsing gives Yin Yang yoga at the hotel. You only have to wear comfortable clothing, because we already have a nice Gaiam mat. I think it is a wonderful start of the day and after that I have much more energy. It is also good for the laughing muscles, because Mariska is the most sociable yoga instructor I know!


#3 Cycling

Lloyd is the perfect base for a bike tour through North. You can take the ferry from KNSM Island (Oostveer). From here you can see the city quickly disappear into a typically Dutch landscape: water, meadows and dike houses. And that while you’re still in Amsterdam! On the city map available at the reception you will find a nice cycling route. There are plenty of nice places to go for coffee or lunch, so this actually doesn’t really fall into the category sports…


#4 Swimming

When the weather is good, you can visit the Flevoparkbad, this is a nice outdoor pool in the Flevopark. In winter, the Sportfondsenbad in Oostpoort is a great place to swim. This is the oldest sports fund pool in the Netherlands, located in a former gas factory. So you also have an cultural trip.


#5 Fitness

There are several possibilities in the neighborhood where you can do fitness. The closest are New York Gym (left the quay) and Barmhartig (right the quay, next to the Albert Heijn). At both places you can buy a day pass. It is interesting to check the website of Gym Nomad in advance, on this website you can buy day or week passes with discount. Lloyd guests get a 5% discount on their first purchase via Gym Nomad with the promocode H1LLOYD.