In 2004 I helped open the Lloyd Hotel as Head of the Reception. Currently I am the Operations Manager and I love to get involved with all aspects of the hotel. When I’m not at the Lloyd I have my hands full at home with my 3 kids, aged 3, 4 and 7.


#1 NEMO Science Museum

The NEMO is a great place for kids of all ages. Getting there is easy enough as it is located in the city centre next to the Amsterdam Central Station. I would advise going a bit later in the day, around 15:00,  as it tends to be a bit more quiet. You can check out their website for the latest news.

There is also a really nice water playground on the roof, where you can have lunch!


#2 Jeugdland – Maakland

If the kids need to run around outside, build a hut or just want to play, go to Maakland in Amsterdam East. You can take tram 7 and after a short walk you’re there. They are not open every day so make sure you check with our reception (the site is only in Dutch). Another great thing is that the entrance is for free!


#3 The Amsterdam Forest

The Amsterdam Forest is a huge man made forest located in the outskirts of Amsterdam. In the forest there is a really cute Goat farm where the kids get to interact with the goats and are allowed to feed milk to the baby goats. They also have the best goat cheese toasted sandwiches!

Another must is eating pancakes with the kids. At the farmhouse pancake restaurant located in the forest, you have the best pancakes and a nice playground where the kids can play too.

Getting around the forest is best by bike. You can take a bus to the forest from Amsterdam Central Station and then rent a bike at the entrance of the forest.


#4 The Amsterdam Zoo, ARTIS

ARTIS is great for a day out, even for adults. They have recently opened their new Elephant area and it is now a must see. It is quite close to the hotel, you can take tram 7 from directly behind our hotel.


#5 Museum Square

Museum Square is an outdoor park which is great when the kids need space to roam after a busy day walking around the Museums. Go to the local supermarket, grab some lunch and have a picnic on Museum Square!