Esther Pouw is one of our clients who often organizes events at Lloyd Hotel. She is working as a personal assistant to CEO at WeTransfer.


What do you find important when you organize an event?

We believe it is important for a location to fit in with WeTransfer’s values: creative, open, warm and welcoming. WeTransfer is a purely Dutch scale-up, but our service is used in 196 countries worldwide. People of more than 20 nationalities now work at WeTransfer. We are really a very international company, and maybe that’s why I always look for locations where people feel right at home. That helps to make the connection and be productive.


How can a location lift an event to a higher level?

The quality of the service is very important to us. As said, people must feel at home, and be disturbed as little as possible by the fact that they are visiting somewhere. Of course, good catering is important, but service is at the top.


What do you remember after the event?

An event has succeeded for me when the interaction between the guests is good, and at the same time they feel comfortable enough to go their own way. I have noticed through all the years that I organize events, that our guests are the most satisfied (and also thank me explicitly afterwards) when the balance between well-organized plenary moments and sufficient privacy is good.