Emiko Chujo – Director Mono Japan

For three whole days in February Lloyd transforms into a tiny Tokyo, full of Japanese design and craftsmanship. We would like to introduce you to Emiko Chujo, initiator and director of MONO JAPAN.


What was your motivation to start organizing MONO JAPAN?

About ten years after I moved to the Netherlands, I started to miss a certain kind of handcrafted products which I loved so much in Japan, but couldn’t find anywhere in Dutch shops. I wondered why, and began investigating the differences between Dutch Design and Japanese craftsmanship. I realized that both cultures could learn a lot from each other and felt an urge to connect the two on the level of design and crafts.


MONO JAPAN is essentially a fair to create a European market for beautiful Japanese products. At the same time, I want to create new perspectives for both Dutch and Japanese designers by, amongst others, forming collaborations between them. MONO JAPAN motivates Japanese craftsmen to be creative an innovative, and simultaneously urges Dutch designers to explore all the amazing crafting techniques Japan has to offer.