Elise is one of our regular clients organising events at Lloyd Hotel.

What is important to you when organising an event?
That it goes down exactly as how I explained in the briefing. So if I ask for a U-shape set-up with 22 seats, there should be 22 seats and not 20, because there are only 20 participants on the list. Or if I indicate that I want to finish dinner within an hour, I would prefer to hear that will not work in advance instead of hearing yes but get a no.

It is also very pleasant for me to have a contact person from A to Z, for the whole event. From the moment of quotation until the briefing. And that I can turn to that person for all my queries, from questions about the room and the audio visual products to dietary needs. Many hotels have a different contact person for each department, which for me, is very inefficient.

How can a location lift an event up to a higher level?
Making sure I do not have to think about anything other than what I’m going to do. So, I do not need to worry about anything. During the events I organize, the program for the participants is always full and the participants work very hard. That is where the focus should be. The location must provide the tools to make this possible so that I can focus on what I am supposed to do.

What do you remember after the event?
That I am recognized. The Lloyd staff knows what I want and what I am going to do. That is mainly due to small things. I have the feeling that the people are there for me, to make my event better. Small example: I am at the reception to say bye to my trainer and I need an exit ticket for the parking garage, but there are many people in front of me. The receptionist recognizes me and helps me in between by only providing me with an exit ticket. That is really pleasant service.