Ed Cools – Founder Ramses Shaffy House

Thirty-five years ago I arrived in Amsterdam to study. I rented a room in the Jordaan and fell in love with Amsterdam. But, I hardly studied, I enjoyed the city too much. My first job was at a home for elderly dementia patients. The focus was on group dynamics, where seven people would help each other with everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning. It was a totally new concept in Amsterdam and the home won a lot of awards. When I moved to Sarphati House I met many artists, like the musician Ramses Shaffy. He never wanted to live in a home. At first we told him it was a hotel and luckily he fell for it. Together with Liesbeth List I came up with the idea of starting a home for both young and elderly artists. We had no meeting space for planning the project, so I used the Lloyd restaurant. Piet allowed us to use the meeting rooms. A lot of our inspiration happened here.