Once upon a time Canadian Daniel Burns wanted to be a math professor. When he realized it was not exactly his path, he switched to philosophy. It is only after completing his degree, that he started cooking professionally and went on to pursue proper chef training. Burns, who is now star chef himself, has worked at all the big names: The Fat Duck, Noma, Momufoku until, finally his own – Luksus.

That chapter too is already closed and a new adventure – Burns Gelato – is on the way. Expect the proper gelato with the most unexpected flavours! Expect to be wowed!

What is the ultimate dining experience? – we wonder. He answers quickly – it’s the one that brings up a memory of childhood. Could that have something to do with the fact that Burns himself says his mothers home cooking was probably to blame for his final choice of vocation? – we guess.

Where does he get his inspiration? Art, among other things. A show of Marina Abramovic left a deep impression. The passion that she has for her work, the devotion that borders with life threating obsession, one can only admire that.