Our true Amsterdammer Dave has been working as a waiter in our restaurant for the past year. Working 4 days a week makes him one of the regular faces in our team. You can describe Dave as a hard worker and an all-round nice guy, someone who really wants to do good and a true happy face. During a conversation with Dave he talks about our guests, the menu, the neighbourhood and also about himself.


‘Our restaurant has been renovated in the past year. I would describe it as a brasserie with a fresh style. The architecture is divers and layered, it seems to reflect the variety of work we do. You won’t find an old-fashioned vibe here, and we mainly get positive reactions to the changes we recently made to the restaurant.

I’m also very curious to see what the new furniture in the rooms look like, and especially what people think of the room designed by Bas Kosters.’


‘Every season we change our menu. Before the menu is released in the restaurant we get to taste it. It’s great to get to understand the menu, which enables you to recommend and explain items on the menu to our guests. Our guests appreciate the seasonal menu, but we are also asked when favourite dishes will come back. The pasta Vongele is very popular and also my favourite!’


‘We often share hotspots with each other. I love Amsterdam East, for sports and food. I enjoy boxing at East Bound Gym, really fantastic. They have those sweaty sofas. East Bound is not like a standard gym, it has a more living room feel to it. When you enter the gym, you find yourself in a room where you can chill out, which creates a nice atmosphere. The beer garden in East is also a fantastic concept -for tasty beers- and the terrace of Lloyd Hotel is great. It really is! I quite frequently end up staying for a drink after work, it’s comfortable and has a lounge-like vibe.’

Well cared for

‘I recently took a cocktail course. Our cocktails are becoming more and more popular, because of their great taste, but also because they are not stupidly expensive. I enjoy making them. It’s great!

On busy days, especially on the terrace, you walk crazy distances. But we are well taken care of here. We get lunch and dinner, and twice a week a masseuse comes by to give massages to the team. But too be honest I’m a bit afraid of massages.’

Crazy things?

‘We don’t experience many crazy things. The band Venice gave a concert here a while back, which was great! The restaurant was full of Venice fans. An older American woman walked in, I think she was around 70. She wasn’t expecting the crowds and you could see she was startled. But she turned around to the band and did a split right in front of the stage. I thought that was really cool!’

Familiar faces

‘An older couple over 80, he gives a very firm handshake. They usually order wine. He likes white, she often chooses red. Sometimes he has a notepad with him, then he orders a different wine from the wine list and takes notes. He always ends his visit with an Irish coffee. His birthday is on the same day as mine.’

Working at Lloyd Hotel

‘You come into contact with so many different cultures, which is great. I have also learned a lot, in the field of service. It is very diverse, because there are so many different tasks. I love the fact that you get to know your colleagues and guests. If you want to work here, you have to speak easy, our guests like getting to know you and all that is going on at the hotel. It would be nice to have some new colleagues, so that we can spend even more time getting to know our guests.

Before, I worked at Loetje, whilst following my studies to become a physical education teacher. As of September, I’m going to study communication in addition to working at Lloyd Hotel.’


Hi! My name is Boy Glansbeek, 28 years old and living in Amsterdam. I’m the Head of Sales at Lloyd Hotel and responsible for the commercial activities, acquisition and relationship management. In my spare time I highly value variety; finding peace in the city parks and forest or exploring the city’s bubbly nightlife. Amsterdam has it all for me! What’s my ultimate day?


Breakfast at…Dignita

The place to start the day. You can enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch here. They are located near Lloyd at the gardens of the Hoftuin, or at the heart of Amsterdam South. I can highly recommend the Forrest Dwellers (poached egg with mixed mushrooms).


Yoga session at… Conscious Club

You can follow amazing yoga classes here in an inspiring and peaceful ambiance. Conscious Club is the first climate neutral canal house in Amsterdam. Check out their website for special events. Tip: try the Deep Guided Meditation.


Afternoon walk through… The 9 Little Streets

You can find the ‘9 Little Streets’ in the heart of the canal district. Between Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel. There are some amazing shops here (such as Skins Cosmetics, Velour Amsterdam and ZIpper). For a quick lunch I go to The Lebanese Sajeria, delicious! If you have space left, you need to try the famous ‘Van Stapele’ chocolate cookie.


Museum at… De Nieuwe Kerk

De Nieuwe Kerk located right off Dam Square is a beautiful church. They have been known for high-profile exhibitions about art and photography. My favourite exhibition: World Press Photo (from April 13th until July 7th, 2019).


Cocktail o’clock at…Hiding in Plain Sight

A unique location with a unique menu! The bar team is very kind, service minded and create (to my taste) the best cocktails in town. The ambiance is really intimate and cozy.



My name is Eve and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I am 24 years old and I am studying Hotel Management at the Eurocollege in Rotterdam. I work at Lloyd Hotel as a revenue intern until March. Besides my internship I work in a restaurant.  During the weekends I am actively involved in the nightlife in Amsterdam. Hereby my 6 favorite bars/clubs in Amsterdam.


#1 Studio K

This is a nice place which is visited by many people who are from the art scene, as it is also a movie theatre. Mostly there is disco/house music played here.


#2  Bar Bukowski 

This is a perfect place to drink a Gin Tonic in the evening and to have good conversations with your friends. While enjoying background music, you can have a great time until late in the morning.


#3  Oosterbar

This nightclub is located in the generator hotel in the Oosterpark. Here you can dance to all kinds of music from 11 pm until 4 am.


#4  Claire

In this, former best techno club in the world, you can dance to trendy techno music on weekends until late at night.


#5 Bitterzoet

If you are into hip hop music than this is the perfect place for you! There is always a nice atmosphere here and if you are lucky you can also do karaoke!


#6 Disco Dolly

Here you can dance to funky disco music or hip hop every night!


Judi is our Marketing Manager and sometimes sports fanatic.  Hereby a few of her tips in case you want use up your energy!


#1 Jogging

You can enjoy a nice round of jogging on the Eastern Islands. When you leave the hotel, turn left at the pier. Walk to the bridge where you cross the IJ. From here you can make the round as big as you want. Fanatics go straight ahead, I turn right along the quay and take the next bridge back. On the city map at the reception is also a running route on the islands.


#2 Yoga

Mariska Gunsing gives Yin Yang yoga at the hotel. You only have to wear comfortable clothing, because we already have a nice Gaiam mat. I think it is a wonderful start of the day and after that I have much more energy. It is also good for the laughing muscles, because Mariska is the most sociable yoga instructor I know!


#3 Cycling

Lloyd is the perfect base for a bike tour through North. You can take the ferry from KNSM Island (Oostveer). From here you can see the city quickly disappear into a typically Dutch landscape: water, meadows and dike houses. And that while you’re still in Amsterdam! On the city map available at the reception you will find a nice cycling route. There are plenty of nice places to go for coffee or lunch, so this actually doesn’t really fall into the category sports…


#4 Swimming

When the weather is good, you can visit the Flevoparkbad, this is a nice outdoor pool in the Flevopark. In winter, the Sportfondsenbad in Oostpoort is a great place to swim. This is the oldest sports fund pool in the Netherlands, located in a former gas factory. So you also have an cultural trip.


#5 Fitness

There are several possibilities in the neighborhood where you can do fitness. The closest are New York Gym (left the quay) and Barmhartig (right the quay, next to the Albert Heijn). At both places you can buy a day pass. It is interesting to check the website of Gym Nomad in advance, on this website you can buy day or week passes with discount. Lloyd guests get a 5% discount on their first purchase via Gym Nomad with the promocode H1LLOYD.




Renee Schuiten-Kniepstra is 29 years old and living nearby Amsterdam. She is responsible for all creative and cultural events we host and organize.


#1 House Marseille

This photo museum located by the Amsterdam canals is worth a visit because of the two beautiful buildings. Furthermore, they program very diverse photography exhibitions which are always worth visiting.


#2 The Hazenstraat

This is a street in the Jordaan, where many galleries are located together. Nice to walk through: you suddenly come across different galleries and exhibitions. Free to visit but pay attention to the opening hours.


#3 Eye

The Eye always has beautiful film exhibitions, not only about the most well-known films but also about the people who have worked behind the scenes. This leads to very surprising and beautiful shows. They also have a large terrace by the IJ, where you can enjoy a drink afterwards.


#4 Micropia

This is a very fun museum, also for children. Information about everything under the surface such as fungi, bacteria, germs and the smallest organisms on our planet is being told in this museum. The museum is next to the entrance of Artis and is quite recently built, certainly worth a visit if desired in combination with a visit to the zoo.


#5 Shell museum

This is a small treasure room in a lovely street, near Lloyd Hotel. They have thousands of copies of shells but also a super nice museum shop, perfect as original souvenirs for the home front.