At Peeze Coffee Roastery we believe that you can only make good coffee if the whole process of making coffee is good. For farmers, the planet and coffee lovers. That’s why Peeze makes sustainable and honest steps throughout the chain, with a lot of attention and love. We make a conscious choice to only work with high-quality and certified coffee beans. Everything is roasted climate-neutrally and CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum. For the coffee packaging we have started with a compostable foil that can simply be disposed of with the green waste. Moreover, part of the proceeds of each cup of coffee goes to the Peeze Foundation. A foundation that supports projects in Ethiopia, Peru and Sri Lanka. And the cup of coffee? That only tastes better.



As we care about your good night rest, we selected beds from Auping.  At the opening of our hotel in 1921, Auping was already our supplier. After all these years we still choose for their comfortable beds.

Auping stands for quality. Every product is made with attention to detail, the environment and the future. For the past 130 years, Auping has maintained and developed Johannes Auping’s idea of designing products for long-term use: “Sustainability is in our fibres, we are aware of our role and responsibility in a changing world. That is why we engage in a sustainable relationship with the environment and the individual. We base our sustainability policy on three pillars: circularity, energy efficiency and local commitment.”