Famous Dutch artist Bas Kosters designed a special room for Lloyd Hotel. It is colorful, cheeky and humorous. Looking for a new Lloyd adventure? You can book a stay in this Comfort Room. Please let us know when making a booking that you would like to stay in the Bas Kosters room. We ask a small surcharge of € 35,- for this request and this is subject to availability.

It’s fun, colorful and rebellious. A hotel room decorated by Bas Kosters, that’s bound to be an experience!

Yadine Saz Raadschilders, co-owner Lloyd Hotel

The Bas Kosters room treats you to a visual and tactile experience. “Horny greetings from Amsterdam” is the starting point for Sexxxazine, the textile sexually tinted magazines made especially for the room. The space is embraced by vintage fabrics that give a homely and nostalgic feeling and at the same time offer a strange contrast to the Sexxxazine pages. A hotel is the perfect place for exciting interactions, according to Bas, ‘but Amsterdam also has a long history of liberation and sexual diversity.’ His love for textiles is an intuitive and personal relationship. Bas translates this into large-scale colourful patchworks that embrace the space.

Opening Bas Kosters room at Lloyd Holtel Amsterdam © Dennis Bouman